As part of our Fair Trade chocolate topic, we undertook a blind test this afternoon to determine whether Fair Trade chocolate is as tasty, or tastier, than other brands. We rated 6 different chocolate bars and scored them on smell, texture and taste. The Sainsbury’s Fair Trade chocolate received a high score and we thought it was well worth paying the extra price, given the impact that money has on the cocoa farmers.

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Maths Games

For homework the week before last I asked the children to create a maths game.  It was really super to see that so many of the children in 5MC had put a lot of time, effort and thought into their games and we’ve had a lot of fun playing them.

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I hope that our discussion this week about learning has stimulated some ideas. For your homework, 5MC, I want you to think about this question and post a response to it here.

Write about all the things that help you to learn and also write about what could be done differently at Rosendale to enable you to become a better learner. Put your name at the end of your post so we can share each other’s thoughts. I look forward to seeing your plans for the ideal learning environment / classroom too.

I thought I’d share this amazing photo – fluid water that looks frozen. I wonder what’s going through the surfer’s mind at this point…

Fotorecopilatorio 39

The B.F.G.

Those Mums, Dads and carers who have read Roald Dahl’s The B.F.G. will know all about dream jars. This week the children have been finishing their descriptions of their ideal dream and have then made dream jars. Now we just need to work out how to blow them into people’s heads whilst they’re sleeping…


As part of our life-cycles topic we have been dissecting and using microscopes and our observation skills to make accurate diagrams of the reproductive organs of tulips.

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This term we have been honing our cricketing skills and the children’s bowling is really improving. It’s a difficult skill to learn and we were fortunate to have a couple of sessions last term with Ebony – a member of the England women’s first team.

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Lambeth Mobile Library

This afternoon the children borrowed a book each from the Lambeth mobile library. Mr Criddle has made a note of the titles to ensure that they all come back in a few week’s time!